Attending “Magnetic Resonance of Correlated Electron Materials” in Dresden

Between the 17th and 22nd of September, our group attended the international workshop “Magnetic Resonance of Correlated Electron Materials” in Dresden. Martin Klanjšek and Andrej Zorko were there as invited speakers, while contributing talks were given by Žiga Gosar, Matjaž Gomilšek, Tina Arh, and Matej Pregelj. Posters were presented by Anton Hromov, Yuri Tanuma, Tilen Knaflič, and Denis Arčon, also a member of the program committee.

The workshop was a success for our group, enabling us to strengthen our international collaborations and learn about new scientific developments and experimental techniques. In addition to that, Tilen Knaflič was awarded the 2nd poster prize. Congratulations!


  • (invited) Martin Klanjšek: Quantum spin liquids in honeycomb magnets
  • (invited) Andrej Zorko: Quantum spin liquids in triangular-lattice rare-earth heptatantalates
  • Žiga Gosar: NMR, NQR and μSR of quasi-one-dimensional superconductors
  • Matjaž Gomilšek: Spin Liquid in a 3D Frustrated Antiferromagnet with Strong Disorder
  • Tina Arh: The nature of magnetic defects in a quantum spin liquid Zn-barlowite
  • Matej Pregelj: Competing magnetic phases in the frustrated spin-1/2 chain compound beta-TeVO4 probed by NMR


  • Anton Hromov: NMR investigation of staggered field in spin-1/2 chain compound AgCuVO4
  • Yuri Tanuma: EPR study on stable C59N-C60 radicals protected by carbon nanorings
  • (awarded) Tilen Knaflič: Spin-dimer ground state in the mixed-valence compound Rb4O6 as revealed by electron spin resonance
  • Denis Arčon: Superconductivity emerging upon Se doping of a quantum spin liquid 1T-TaS2

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