Two recent arXiv preprint submissions

We have recently submitted two preprints to arXiv. We cordially invite you to read them and send any comments!

T. Arh, M. Gomilšek, P. Prelovšek, M. Pregelj, M. Klanjšek, A. Ozarowski, S. J. Clark, T. Lancaster, W. Sun, J.-X. Mi, and A. Zorko, The Origin of Magnetic Ordering in a Structurally-Perfect Quantum Kagome Antiferromagnet, arXiv:1912.09047 (submitted on 19 Dec 2019)

Ž. Gosar, N. Janša, T. Arh, P. Jeglič, M. Klanjšek, H. F. Zhai, B. Lv, and D. Arčon, Superconductivity in the regime of attractive interactions in the Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid, arXiv:2001.07909 (submitted on 22 Jan 2020)

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